Our Tours

Our tours are organized by an English photographer with 30 years experience and professional tour guides who really know how to get the best out of your visit. On our group tours we give excellent opportunities to get to the heart of Cambodia. We visit the spectacular temples of Angkor and are able to make visits to off the beaten track places, to get a unique experience of life which would otherwise be missed.

The temples are spectacular; but seeing the countryside and meeting the people with small groups like ours; make a trip to Cambodia an enriching and rewarding experience.

Availability Code Group Tour Name Price Each
Daily AT Angkor Temple Group Tour 1 day $25
Daily AG Angkor Grand circuit
group tour 1 day $25
Monday BMB Beng Mealea & Banteay Srey Group Tour 1 day $35
Tuesday TKB Tonle Sap Kompong Khleang & Beng Mealea inc lunch 1 day $55
bWednesday KSB Kbal Spean & Banteay Srey Group 1 day $35
Thursday KSBM Kbal Spean, Beng Mealea & Banteay Srey Group Tour 1 day $40
Friday TKK Tonle Sap Kompong Khleang road and boat tour ½ day $35
Saturday KKB Koh Ker & Beng Mealea Group Tour inc lunch 1 day $50
Sunday PK Phnom Kulen & Banteay Srey inc Phnom Kulen pass ($20) 1 day $55
Tours shown below can be run on request for 2 or more persons
(Discounts will be available for groups)
On request TCK Tonle Sap Chong Khneas cruise
4 persons minimum am/pm $18
On request ACT Angkor Custom Tour 2 person
2 days advance booking needed. 1 day $75*
On request BSR Banteay Srey & Roluos Group 2 person tour 1 day $80
On request KK Koh Ker 2 person Tour 1 day $140
On request BC Banteay Chhmar 2 person Tour 1 day $160
On request TKP Tonle Sap Kompong Phluk 2 person Boat tour ½ day $110

Lunch supplements
All + $6 except Kbal Spean $7 and tours where we state lunch is included.

The Tour Programme is continually updated; so please visit again or let us know of any places on or off the Programme you wish to visit! Costs for Day Tours are based on a minimum group size of 4 people Temple passes and admissions fees are not normally included. If you have a group of more than 4 persons we can arrange tour for you. If you want to go somewhere not listed please get in touch and ask for a quote. Please email to reserve your tour. Some tours require a Temple Pass $20 per day, $40 3days & $60 1 week. Please bear this in mind when planning costs. Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking. If your group is less than minimum size we will offer the tour to other guests or may revise the price. The prices for multi day are based on 2/3 persons, there may be a supplement if there are less than 2 persons on the tour.

Angkor Temple Tours
AT and AG Angkor Temple Tours
Both these tours taken over 2 days will cover most of the main sites of Angkor and many of the minor ones as well. They are an exiting and economic way of seeing the best of Angkor in a couple of days; or a framework to further exploration on your own.

AT Angkor Temple Tour including:
Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom; with the famous Bayon, the Elephants Terrace and some of the minor temples in the area like the Preah Pallilay and Preah Pithou Group.
We have lunch at Hotel or in Siem Reap town
Timings depend on season and weather conditions.
Small Group Tour
3 to 7 persons with a/c van and guide
$25 per person. Starts 7:30 returns after sunset at Angkor Wat.

AG Angkor Grand Circuit
Takes in many of the most interesting sites on the Grand Circuit. We will usually include the temples of Banteay Kdei, Ta Prohm, Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, with its tree clad faced tower; We can look at Prasat Kravan which has unique interior carvings. The highlight is Preah Khan; a fabulous and vast temple 2nd in Size to Angkor Wat.
We have lunch at Hotel or in Siem Reap town
Timings depend on season and weather conditions.
Small Group Tour
3 to 7 persons with a/c van and guide

$25 per person. Starts 7:30

AOB Angkor Obscura
There are many minor sites in Angkor that are of great interest to the visitor and the photographer. These minor sights are often quiet and sometime very impressive with tremendous atmosphere. Some are so well hidden that you can feel a little like a temple explorer as you come across these silent and peaceful ruins.

Temples include: Preah Pithou, Preah Pallilay, West Gate Prasat Top West, Banteay Prei, Banteay Kdei which is similar to Ta Prohm; but much more atmospheric.

This tour is ideal for those who have visited Angkor before and want to get away from the crowds!
Small Group Tour
3 to 7 persons with a/c van and guide

$25 per person. Starts 7:30.

ACT Angkor Custom Tours:
are individually planned and flexible itineraries ideal for couples, families or small group of friends.

Our guides will take you to the best locations around Angkor. We can include any places on the Angkor Temple, Grand Circuit and Angkor Obscura tours; plus other places you may not even have thought of!
Itineraries can be any number of days with flexibility for time off from the Temples. We can include: lake cruises, remote temples, balloon or even helicopter flights can be arranged.(at extra charge)

Price for ACT Tour around the Angkor Park:
1 pers $65 2 pers $75 (car and guide) 3 pers $85, 4 pers $95 (for 3 or more persons, we use comfortable a/c minivan).
Starts 7:30 (5:00 to 5:30am for sunrise)
Optional Sunrise at Angkor is included.

Food and temple passes are not included. There will be additional fees for locations outside the Angkor Park i.e. Banteay Srey, Roluos and elephant rides etc.
These tours must be booked in 2 days advance

Banteay Srey Tours
BSR Banteay Srey, Roluos
This tour takes us out into the country to the fabulous Hindu Temple of Banteay Srey. It is a very small and unique temple with the finest carvings of all of the Angkor Temples.

Banteay Srey was restored in 2005 and delights those who see it at any time.

It is at its best for photography in the mornings. We head south to visit the very colourful and attractive temple of Banteay Samre which in a pleasant village location and comparatively little visited.

We continue to Roluos group of Temples; which some of the earliest temples and are situated 12 Kms east of the main city of Angkor. There are numerous 10th century temples in this area including the stepped pyramid of Bakong which is surrounded by a wide moat and had good views from the top.

This tour is flexible; so we may visit these sites in a different order depending on season. We may also visit other sites in addition to those mentioned above.
Small Group Tour$30 per person
Starts 7:30

BSG Banteay Srey and Grand Circuit
For those with limited time we run a short Angkor Grand Circuit tour with Banteay Srey temple. We start off with an early morning drive to Banteay Srey with an option of Sunrise at Pre Rup.
Temple sites we usually visit are: Pre Rup, Ta Som, Neak Pean and Preah Khan also Ta Prohm can be added as an alternative.
This is a Flexible itinerary for individuals or small groups
Price for 1 pers $65 2 pers $75 (car and guide) 3 pers $85, 4 pers $95
(for 3 or more persons, we use comfortable a/c minivan).

Starts 7:30 (5:00 to 5:30 for sunrise) returns flexible; we can take you direct to airport for afternoon flight.

Tours Outside of Angkor Area

KSB Banteay Srey and Kbal Spean (Valley of 1000 Lingas).
The delightful temple of Banteay Srey has some of the most spectacular carvings of all of the Angkor Temples. An early start is required as it is very small and gets busy mid morning.
Kbal Spean Tours
Kbal Spean; commonly known as the valley of a 1000 Lingas, is set deep in the jungle to the north east of Angkor. A 45 minute steep jungle walk takes you to the riverbed where a hundreds of phalluses are carved in to the rock.

There is an lovely waterfall here which is best seen at the end of the rainy season. At the top of the falls are numerous carved animals. This site has only been opened up to tourism since 1998

Small Group Tour $35 per person (min 4 pers) Starts 7:00PK
Phnom Koulen with Banteay Srey Tours
The Khmer Pilgrimage site of Phnom Koulen is situated at the heart of Koulen Mountain; the 20km long limestone plateau is mostly forested. The Koulen Falls are among the most impressive in Cambodia; in the rainy season the falls are spectacular. As with Kbal Spean, we visit Banteay Srey (See above) and continue to the Koulen Range. We drive up the steep mountain road to the falls, lingas, hilltop temple and shrines. Kulen Is a great place to see Khmers practicing their religion; listen to the traditional music and get a real taste of living Khmer culture. There are opportunities for swimming here so bring your bathers.
If you do not have an Angkor Pass or have already seen Banteay Srey there are plenty of stalls and places to eat and drink while you wait for the rest of the group.

Small Group Tour $55 per person (min 4 pers) Starts 7:00 return 3-4pm (discounts available for groups)
Admission of $20 to Phnom Koulen is included. Angkor Temple Pass is required for Banteay Srey.

Beng Mealea with Banteay Srey Tours
Set behind huge walls, dripping with vegetation with huge trees growing out of the ruins; Beng Mealea is a place of sensational atmosphere. This temple was built 30 years before Angkor Wat to a similar plan. Although lacking in carvings; nature provides the decoration.

New steps and walkways have made access easier. So while agility and a head for heights is less necessary; we advise caution on the stones; which are slippery when wet. Beng Mealea is at its most atmospheric from May to December.

Climbing is at your own risk!
We visit the beautiful temple of Banteay Srey which has the finest carvings of all the temples. This is best seen early in the day.

Small Group Tour $35 per pers (min 4 pers) Starts 7:30returns 5pm
Angkor Temple Pass is required for Banteay Srey and $5 for admission to Beng Mealea.

Koh Ker with Beng Mealea Tours
This temple city is a long day trip from Siem Reap. Situated in to the north east; Koh Ker has some spectacular towers and huge Lingas and the highest Khmer pyramid which towers over the jungle.

Koh Ker is had relatively few visitors; so an amazing place to visit photograph without crowds. The KK Tour gives time to see more of the 35 temples and see a slice of local life. The KKB tour give a less intensive look at the Koh Ker sites before returning after lunch via Beng Mealea (see BMB tour)

Small Group Tour $50 per person. (min 4 pers) Starts 7am returning a t6 to 7pm
Koh Ker pass $10 Beng Mealea Pass $5

Banteay Chhmar Tours
The enclosure of vast “Narrow Fortress” originally covered approx double the area of Angkor Wat! Its moat 1600x 500 metres contains a spectacular ruin with Bayon Style towers, walls and enclosures cloaked with vegetation.

The bas reliefs on the inner sanctuary walls are spectacular. It is famous for its bas reliefs and 32 armed Vishnu. In the wet season almost every step gives another fabulous picture of man and nature; blending together in a most dramatic way. It is a long drive via Sissophon and can be a bumpy ride at times.

*Cost from $55- $65 per person depending on options (min 4 pers); Depart 6 am, return 7pm
Banteay Chhmar entry is $5