Factors To Consider Before Starting A Business

Starting a business is a top desire for most people. It is very exciting, but it can be very hard to establish a new business. Over the years, statistics have indicated that four out of every five businesses fail after the first three years of establishment. It is therefore very important to lay out a strategy that will ensure your business will not end up failing. There are several tips which can ensure your business will run smoothly after establishment.

Tips to consider before establishing a business

Reason for starting the businesspost-it note

Starting a business can be very difficult. Many times, you may think that you will score big after establishing a business. Many start a business to make money, but it is important to know that starting a business is not suited for everyone. If starting a business just because you are fed up with your current job may not be a good idea. This is because starting a business is a big deal that requires a lot of commitment and endurance.

Plan and research

You will need a lot of planning and market research before your business idea gets off the ground. Everything needs to be in place in the legal and financial position. You should have a business plan laid down before anything starts. A professional can make a business plan for you, or if you have the expertise to make your business plan, this can be best. You will also need to look at the market structure and requirements for your business to succeed.


Money is the basic element for establishing a business. You will require capital to establish a business. There are various sources of capital this may include savings, loans, and business grants. Your capital will depend on how big your business will be. A large business will require an enormous amount of capital to establish compared to a small business. You should consider collaborating with other business people or get help from an investor.

Time availability

A new business will take up a great deal of your time. Time is an important factor especially if you are employed. Balancing employment and the establishment of business will be difficult. It might be advisable to keep your day job as you start your new business. This is because you may need a little more financing as you run your new business. It is very important to dedicate ample time to your business.