How to Buy the Right Bike for Your Needs

If you want to be a commuter cyclist or enjoying a ride around town, there are many types of bicycles at various prices you can buy. This guide will help you know the different types, sizes, and components to consider.

Types of Bike

It is advisable to select a bike that is a great fit for any form of riding you do. For instance, if you are going to ride in the city, you may not need a mountain bike. A road racer is not the right pick if you need to ride to the shop on the weekend. According to, if you are new to cycling, it is advisable to choose an upright bike. That is because it is more comfortable and offers you the awareness you need on the road.

Right Size

It is vital to get the right frame size if you want to enjoy your ride. One that is too small or big will compromise the comfort and feel. Although there are different specialist fitting services, if you need a basic city bike, you should go for a model where the weight is carried by the bottom and feet.

couple riding bike

Frame Material

The truth is that the frame material has a huge effect on bike handles, and it is easy to carry. Steel is common with classic bikes. It is good material for absorbing bumps. However, it is quite heavy and rusts easily. Aluminum frame bikes are useful for city cycling. They are lighter than steel and do not rust. Unfortunately, they do not absorb bumps. Carbon fiber is another common material that absorbs pumps, and it is lightweight. However, it is very expensive.


The modern bikes on the market have 27 gears. This is more than what you require for commuting. In typical city riding, eight years are enough, although more is great if you are cycling in a hilly place. Remember that extra gears come at a cost, increase maintenance issues, and add weight.

Wheels and Tires

You have to ensure you get appropriate wheels and tires for commuting. It is vital to note that the double-walled rims are quite stronger as compared to single-walled ones. Also, ease of removal makes life quite easier if you have flat tires.

Bike Accessories

As you know, bike accessories are quite important for the ride. For instance, you need the right helmet for safety. Other things you need include reflector, lights, and bells.