How To Deal With Acne


We all have our various ideas about the causes of acne commonly known as pimples. Some say they are hereditary, as per others they constantly reappear as a result of allergies, while according to some other group of people having an oily skin is the main reason causing acne. These among others are the various ideas people tend to have each one of them with some bit of truth however not conclusive enough. Acne is caused by clogging of the follicles of the skin. In some cases when exposed to bacteria, it might result in inflammation which is not something to yearn for. As a result, we need to come up with ways of dealing with acne.

Solutions to acne

Exfoliating maskmask

Most people who face the problem of acne tend to use just any other facial mask or scrub that they come across on the market. However, for those people with moderate or severe acne, it is advised to stay away from these facial scrubs since they might cause irritation to the inflamed acne or worse lead to the spread of the bacteria. Exfoliating masks are preferred as they prevent skin aberration as well as purge pores.


To most people, carrots are only good for eyesight which is not entirely its only essence. Vitamin A found in plenty in carrots strengthens the skin’s protective tissues. This, in turn, helps reduce the presence of acne on the skin or even prevent it. Moreover, carrots are essential in reducing the production of sebum by the skin.

Cut on sugar and dairy products

sugarIt is known that milk contains many essential minerals that the body doesn’t need to miss out on. Despite all that, we all know that too much of something is poison. Excessive intake of milk in the body leads to insulin production. Milk also contains some androgens which when combined with insulin leads to increased presence of acne on the skin. Just like milk, too much sugar intake causes a spike in insulin production that will eventually cause increased pimples on the face. To save yourself the trouble of going to the dermatologist often, you can simply cut on sugar and dairy products intake.


You might wonder, what does exercise have to do with pimples? As you exercise, you will eventually sweat. It has been discovered that sweat is a detoxifier. It might be time now to increase your visits to the local gym or just do your exercises anywhere as a way to deal with acne.