What To Expect From College Game Day Courtesy Of Kenny Chesney?


The ESPN game day will be going to South Carolina. The South Carolina fans were happy about the college game day taking place in their area. However, the fans were not pleased that Kenney Chesney was the one chosen to be the celebrity picker.   There has been a lot of criticism on the celebrity picker.

Choosing a celebrity

melodyAccording to ESPN, they do not have to choose a celebrity depending on the fans requirement. The celebrity picker was chosen by the gameday sc brain trust and lee fitting. The practice of college day has always been to invite the celebrity associated with the host school.   Therefore, the fans were expecting to have a celebrity associated with the school.  However, ESPN surprised their South Carolina fans by changing the pattern completely. Most of the residents are alumni of South Carolina. As such, they had higher expectations of getting an affiliated with the school.

Inviting celebrities

Whether it was their intention or not, college game days practice of inviting celebrities that are associated with the host school made south Carolina believe they will get a celebrity from south Carolina.    ESPN invited Kenny Chesney because he was their business partner. To most South Carolina fans, given that Kenny had a new album and it was an opportunity for him to promote his new album.


Therefore, most of the fans were against the idea of Kenney attending the college game day. The SEC network owned by ESPN started their frustrations even before the game day began. Instead of making the best choice for the fans, the network chose to go it something that upset the fans.   The SEC network of live broadcast and even the replay have all become non-essential. The SEC network had promised that they will provide a 24/7 advertisement for the member schools.   There have been a whole lot of disappointments from the network. One of the disappointments was the advertisement, the believer.


musicThe advertisement was narrated and produced by Chesney. It was a documentary on the life of Steve Spurrier. The documentary took a long time.  The film took a long time because Chesney did not take enough time to study it. ESPN could have come up with an interesting documentary. They could have been a bit creative and created a documentary that gives the fans and emotional connection with Carolina.  There is no doubt that the fans would have enjoyed watching a documentary on South Carolina. They could have done a documentary on one of the heroes of Carolina.