Why Ligandrol Is a Safe and Effective SARM


All selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs have their own particular side effects on our body like liver damage, vision affectations, a hormonal imbalance that may lead to some kinds of cancer, and mood swings. The different types of SARMs have their identifiable strengths too.

SARMs function by binding themselves to androgen receptors in particular tissues such as muscles and bones. When they bind with other tissues, it is where side effects come in. The different types of SARMs also have varying degrees in suppressing the production of estrogen and testosterone, which can create some problems mainly on the prostate in men and the ovaries of women.

While most SARMs help in the treatment of osteoporosis and alleviation of its symptoms such as pain, their safety to our other organs have no sufficient studies and researches to prove them yet. Ligandrol is said to be the safe and effective selective androgen receptor modulator because of the following.

Binds With Muscle Tissues Only


Ligandrol only binds with muscle tissues and not to other tissues of the body. This makes it safe for the liver and other organs of the body. The only other tissues that it can bind with are bone tissues. The general effect of ligandrol is to build muscle mass that leads to increase in strength and endurance. This will protect bones and connection tissues from being fractured or strained. It will also eliminate the occurrence of muscle strain among its users.

Small Dosage Makes It Safe

When taken in in small dosages, ligandrol is safe for the user. It will have no side effects when the dosage is not beyond what is recommended. Virilization is a normal phenomenon when using SARMs. With the recommended dosages of ligandrol, deepening of the voice, deepening of the voice, and abnormal hair growth will not be experienced by female users. Feminization, which is characterized by the growth of breast in men and other changes will not be experienced by male users as well.

This means that when ligandrol is taken in in small amounts, there will be no major issues on other organs of the body, especially the liver.

No Aromatization

Aromatization causes higher levels of androgen in the ovaries, which enhances follicular growth. This may lead to medical conditions such as ovarian cyst and cancer. It may also lead to infertility.

Ligandrol’s property to bind with only bone and muscle tissue eliminates the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Efficient Cutting Features

The ability of ligandrol for cutting is one of its advantageous properties. It is a potent substance for fat burning, which can result in gaining the ideal weight for your body. This eliminates various cardiovascular conditions, which can be common among individuals with fatty deposits in their parts of their body.

Ligandrol, no matter how safe, is still a SARM with side effects. It is on the user to observe precautionary measures to be able to do away from such adverse effects.