Functions of spectra breast pump


A breast pump serves many purposes than the more traditional one of extracting milk which majority of the individuals know. Most people do assume that only mothers that have a daytime job require the services of a breast pump which is not always the case, even if, you are a stay- at-home-mum a breast pump can be of meaningful use in the following situations:

Regulation of your breast milk supply

breast milkHuman bodies are created in a way that they adapt to the situation that they are subjected to. In the case of breastfeeding mothers, is that the more milk is demanded from your body, the body will adjust in a way that, it will produce higher levels of milk. Thus, this breast pump increases the demand of milk from one’s body, therefore, stimulating the production of that milk.

Elimination of breast engorgement

In some instances, especially for new mothers during the first few days, the body can produce more milk than what the baby can consume. This kind of bump enables an individual to pump out the excess milk which allows these mothers to relax and maintain the good and steady flow when the baby starts developing growth spurts.
Increasing milk

In some instances, a mother’s milk supply does not come immediately after the birth of the baby. This is so because, newborn babies can do without milk for the first few days but in the case of mothers who are concerned that their babies will go hungry or want to suckle, but their breast have not started yielding milk, are advised to stimulate their production by double pumping so that they can increase their milk production.

Freezing and storage for later use

The breast pump aids in the process of pumping and freezing of any surplus milk. This usually occurs in the first months of giving birth. But subsequently, a mother can witness a reduction in breast milk this is where the milk that was stored early comes in handy. The pump is also useful for the mothers who attend daytime jobs; these mothers can use these pumps to extract milk from their breasts that can be used to feed the toddlers when they are away.

Allowing others to feed them

Everybody in this life needs a break including mothers. More especially during the first few weeks of giving birth, in this case, you will be happy when one offers themselves to help out in feeding the baby while you rest. During this time the helper needs not to take the baby to the mother since they can give it the pump harvested milk.

End of maternity leave

breastfed A baby is supposed to be breastfed exclusively for a period of six months, but this is not possible in many cases since, in today’s society mothers do day time jobs which allow a maximum of three months leave, those forced to go back to job before the completion of this period have to thank technology which has brought about this great pump.They thus won’t have to worry a lot because they can pump the milk and leave it at home for the baby to be fed throughout the day.