How to Tell If Surveillance Cameras Have an Audio Recording Feature

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Surveillance cameras play an essential role in keeping different buildings or establishments secure. Just as the name suggests, these are cameras that keep watch over a specific area by recording the happenings. CCTV cameras are designed to run throughout, not to miss a moment in their recording. The recorded footage is usually stored in a cloud backup, while others may opt for an external storage option.

Surveillance cameras come with different features. One that is common among the recently released types is an audio recording feature. This captures both sound and video. Can employers record audio with a surveillance camera? Well, facts from different sources show that it is not right to record sound using surveillance cameras. However, this may depend on the area the cameras have been installed.

security camerasIf the audio recording CCTV cameras have been planted in a private establishment like your home for security purposes, then you can use the audio recording feature. If it is in a public place like hotels and other commercial buildings, then it is illegal. One has to consent to an audio recording for everything to be legal. Identifying a surveillance camera with an audio recording feature is easy. Here is how you can tell whether they have such a feature.

Check the Product Page

You should go through the product page carefully when purchasing your surveillance cameras. Read all the details carefully to know what they have. You will come across a list of specifications of the camera you are buying. This will help you understand the different features it contains. Read carefully to find out if it has an audio recording option.

Small Holes on the Camera

It is another thing that can help you understand whether a particular camera has an audio recording feature. You will notice cameras with such a feature have a small hole. That is where you will find the microphone meant to pick up sounds. Surveillance cameras that have a housing also have these tiny holes.

Contact Your Seller

surveillance cameraThis is the simplest way to understand whether your camera has an audio recording feature. You can contact your vendor or their support team because they are familiar with the different things they are selling. They will let you know several functions contained in the surveillance camera you are buying. Familiarize yourself with the rules binding the use of such cameras to avoid landing in trouble.