A Musician’s Guide To Concert Tours


Most music artists organize concert tours as a way of connecting with their fans and at the same time, gain financially from their craft. The success of concert tours, however, depends on various factors. In most cases, artists will consider their concert tours as a success when their fans have the time of their lives. On the other hand, some artists look at the generated revenue. Whichever way you look at it, there should be a balance of both elements. Here is a guide to concert tours that can help artists realize their touring goals and eventually achieve success down the road.

Adequate Planning

As we all know, planning holds the key to success in many things in life. When it comes to concert tours, proper planning allows the artist and his or her team to gather sources and more importantly, anticipate the incoming challenges. Also, planning allows the artist/s to develop strategies that would ensure the success of the tour.


In addition, it is worth noting that having a good plan is necessary because concerts often have mishaps. However, an appropriate game plan makes it possible to foresee challenges and apparently mitigate them. Lastly, planning is crucial when it comes to financial matters concerning the tour.

Extensive Rehearsal

Without a doubt, proper rehearsal is the best way to give the fans a thrilling show. For this reason, artists should make an effort to practice and rehearse in order to ensure that they can provide an entertaining and exhilarating show. On the other hand, a disorganized show will leave concert-goers disappointed, and it can hugely damage the band’s image.


music bandSelling merchandises during these events allows the artists to connect more with the fans and at the same time, generate income. In addition, artists can also organize fan-centered contests where the winners get free signed merchandise.

Guest Acts

Renowned writers and artists including richard page mister mister can definitely  attest to the fact that it is nearly impossible to perform for 2 or 3 hours straight. However, we cannot deny the fact that taking a break from the show can disappoint fans. Thus, when it comes to concerts tours, it is imperative to have guest acts. In fact, a great show typically involves having several guest acts that would perform while the main artist/s is taking a break. In addition, guest acts can offer fans something different from the main artist, and this improves the overall concert experience.


With today’s technology, most people do not like to queue to obtain tickets. For this reason, the artist/s and his or her team must provide convenient means of buying tickets. Hence, it is necessary to have online platforms where fans can buy their tickets.