Benefits Of The Heart Talk


Heart talk is a series of teaching sessions accorded to patients, healthcare professionals and licensed care practitioners who deal with individuals who experience heart failure. The Heart Talk assists one to understand the pathology of systolic and diastolic heart failure, diagnosis of patients with heart failure and treatment of chronic and acute heart failure. Additionally, the Heart Talk sessions assist participants to understand the science of heart failure and its consequences and advise how to discuss end of life and palliative care. During the denver heart walk the heart talk is usually one of the agenda. There are many benefits that accrue from understanding the comprehensive components of the Heart Talk some of which include;

Understanding heart failure


The Heart Talk modules create awareness on the condition of heart failure. Moreover, the Heart talk sessions offer scientific knowledge of how heart failure results from the impairment of the left ventricle resulting in complication in the pumping of blood. Moreover, the Heart Talk sessions inform of shortness of breath, fatigue or edema as the classic symptoms of heart failure. Additionally, the modules inform on the two types of heart failures which are systolic and diastolic heart failures. Moreover, evaluating the patient to avert untimely death is essential for patients, practitioners, and caregivers are informed of the best ways to handle the patient and how to provide emergency care.

Early diagnosis and treatment

Heart failure occurs in phases hence early detection, diagnosis and treatment assists deal with acute heart failure or chronic heart failure. The Heart Talk also creates awareness on the available mechanisms, devices, and medication that affected individuals can use to manage the condition. Interestingly, both diastolic and systolic heart failure conditions have various approaches through which they are managed hence proper understanding is created in these sessions. In addition, advancement in technology and research and development in Healthcare Systems has provided reliable solutions that avert death through the use of Bi-ventricular pacemakers, chronic IV therapy with inotropes, Ventricular assist devices, and Heart transplant option.

Proper care of patients


In the US alone, it is estimated that one out of five Medicare patients is readmitted back to the hospital within the first 30 days after discharge, the most common cause being heart failure which has become a common condition in the society. As a result, proper knowledge and skills are taught through the Heart Talk sessions in a manner that equips caregivers and family about how to handle a patient with heart failure conditions.  Additionally, they assist the patients through self-management programs to understand how to operate the pacemakers, Ventricular assist devices or even undergo a successful heart transplant.